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The com port is back in style, baby!

I have been working on the IEBus project a lot these past few weeks and I realized that I have been updating the forum thread, but never updating the site with my progress, so we are.

Just to recap where I am on the project… I found research that others have done regarding the AVC-LAN (Toyota’s name for the IEBus) and have been working towards building a circuit of my own based on their designs. I received most all of the parts from Digikey yesterday and the programmer for the ATMega8 arrived this afternoon, so I have been getting familiar with the it’s programming procedures and installing the IDE’s this evening. I must say, this thing is really fun and easy to work with. I can’t believe I am only just now getting into working with IC’s! This stuff is cool. I feel like a kid in a candy store; like I can make anything do anything now. Well maybe not anything, but world domination is coming soon, so look out Bill Gates, I am learning how to program IC’s!

Seriously though, I have the (IC -> MAX232 -> PC -> MAX232 -> IC) circuit all setup. Its pretty damn cool to see it working and without much of a learning curve either. Well, a background in the C programming language doesn’t hurt.

I will continue working on the circuit tomorrow, actually putting it in the car to start building the (Acura specific) IEBus message table (I hope I make it that far tomorrow). I will have to run and grab a PCI video card in order to get a video out port to go into dom’s unit, or else I wont be able to see anything!

Wish me luck!

Here is a shot of the board as it is now (I reorganized it, and took some stuff out for now):

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