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IEBus Studio development – help wanted

I have made a bit of progress on the sniffer console/library builder thingy that I am calling the IEBus StudioBridge. I am wondering if anyone else here knows C# and would like to give a hand at coding this thing?

Its not a question of CAN I keep working on it, but there are some subtle things about C# that I do not have as much experience with and I would like to spend more time on the firmware. Having both developed at the same time would speed up development significantly.

Below is a shot of what I have working now. The reason you see the same message over and over again is because I currently have the Mega8 programmed to send it in a loop for testing. There is a parsed tab for showing the translated version of the message by referencing the selected library (but there are no libs yet, so it isn’t complete). Then there is also a tab for viewing the raw serial data as it comes in.

The message format coming out of the chip is like this:


If you really know that you can handle a program like this please let me know. If you don’t think you will have the time or the know how, please do not offer, because it will most likely end up delaying things. I need someone who can take this and run with it and get a finished product quickly for it to be worth while.

Thanks in advance!

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