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Sniffing the IEBus smells so sweet!

I finally got it all together and working tonight. Here is a run down of where I am at now on the IEBus project:

Dom’s video converter unit is installed and mounted cleanly in the trunk next to the navigation unit
I have a carpc built and working (it’s still very rough around the edges, so I will not be permanently installing it just yet)
The IEBus sniffer breadboard is put together and working

So now I will begin to work on the firmware. I want the ability to control the carpc by using the stock navigation’s touch screen events which are passed over the IEBus. I also plan to generalize the code base to allow for implementation in vehicles other than just mine.

I put together a video from the first tests tonight. Pictures and data log files will come later. (If the embeded video doesn’t load click here for a direct link to the video page on YouTube.)

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