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AC’s Conversions Map Pack w/Patch

Update: Due to many requests I have added direct links to the map pack archives below.

This Halo MapPack consists of an early collection of Xbox Single Player and HaloCE conversions to Xbox Halo Multiplayer supporting all game types. The goal for this MapPack was to get every conversion compressing accurately and able to be played through system link with every game type possible supported. At the time, this was a pretty tall task but after much community effort centering around a thread posted in the forums, each of us were able to make these modifications and fixes to each of the maps within a couple of months.

This conversion MapPack was designed to be used with HMPi (Halo Map Pack Installer) and installed effortlessly, just like NMP and CXE. All xbe big cache patching and build number stuff is handled automatically by HMPi, so there is no reason to mess with any of that. Just install the maps. 🙂

Final Release Date: Friday Oct 22, 2004 @ 2:21am EST

We all worked very hard together to get the maps supporting all game types and with all kinks worked out. Thanks to everyone for your patience while we got this Pack to the best that it could be. Now run HMPi and enjoy!

Thanks to all those guys for making such great conversions. The names of the original modders are listed listed in the map menu. Here are some people we had working on the project:

  • The Swamp Fox
  • (GT)Juggler
  • ViperNeo
  • Spammy
  • Team Killer
  • rcm
  • Mr. Default
  • pokecancer
  • Reddog
  • Martijn
  • TigerHawk
  • MrHyperpenguin
  • tristanx
  • jake07777
  • mr.murder

Map Pack management, compilation, and distribution done by me (AngryCamel).

For help with the HMPi installation process, you can reference the FAQ that was built during the initial release with NMP2 and CXE which can be found here:

Download Locations:
This pack is, to put it in one word, huge! Weighing in at just over 370MB! In order to spare my bandwidth on, I am using a torrent once again, since it was wildly successful with the NMP2 and CXE release. I hope everyone remembers how to use them, if not visit for a brief refresher. For those who are early on in the torrent seeding process it may be a little slower as the torrent gets off the ground but please be patient as it is imperative for the success of the torrent that everyone keep the torrent window open so that the file can be shared with everyone else who wants to get it. Thanks for your cooperation on this.



After installing the full pack onto your xbox, then run these patches for game demos link support. First run patch 1 then patch 2. (Default configuration of the patch requires NMP2 to be installed, if not then you must mod the ini files to your specific settings)

Here are some screenshots of what you can expect from this map pack:


  1. wmxp says:

    Loved your original NMP2/CXE package, and I was looking to trying this new package out, but “ConversionsMapPack-[AC].part10.rar” appears to be a corrupted archive on your server. Could you reupload it please?

  2. angrycamel says:

    It is re-uploading now. Enjoy!

  3. sdawg95 says:

    hey do you have to have the mod chip though?

  4. sdawg95 says:

    hey angry camel is it soppos to be downloaded to a 360 or xbox original

  5. pixelTitan says:

    Thanks so much man! I am a huge fan. Years ago I loved playing these maps on my modded Xbox, but then my Xbox died, I went to college, and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to re-mod an old Xbox and get all of the sweet mods back. Sadly, most modding sites out there don’t have active downloads anymore…so your links are a lifesaver!

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