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Program Options Screen Added to TVGuide

Last night I finished the control code and tedious skin work required to add a new “Program Options” screen to the TVGuide addon that will mimic the look and functionality of the FiOS Program Options screen available from various points throughout the EPG. The screen is accessible from the XBMC info button (“i” on a keyboard). When the info button is pressed, the information about the currently selected program will be presented on screen along with a menu of options that can be performed for that program.

Dynamic Menus and Program Info

The menu options and program information are different depending upon attributes of the program. The only attribute that currently influences the program info displayed is the category flag. If it is “Movie” then instead of episode information, the movie year is displayed. The menu is changes based upon this category check as well. If it’s an episode for instance, there is an option to record just the selected episode or to record the full series.

Category and Genre

I am already starting to regret how I captured the category of the program, so I may revisit that. I put in a decision tree when loading the XMLTV that processed each of the categories and if “Movie” was found in any of them, then that is what the whole category became. Instead, there should be a flag indicating whether it is episodic in nature then a secondary flag for determining if it is a movie, news, sports, kids programming, etc. The genre information is being lost by how I’m doing it now.

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