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PD72042B Eagle Cad Library File

I have began working with the PD72042B again thanks to some chats with Slden over in Russia. He is not using it himself, but in talking to him he gave me some ideas. Now that I am working on a new schematic in the Eagle Cad software I need a library of the chip but one is not provided by EagleSoft (obviously).

PD72042B EagleLib Symbol

I have created a library for the PD72042B in the past but it was not good enough to use on a real board. So this time around I decided I would take my time and really put it together as it should be. Its created from all of the package information provided in the NEC data sheet which can be found here:

PD72042B EagleLib Package

The package is a 16-PIN PLASTIC SOP. I have attached the Eagle library file below, named IEBus.lbr. Leave a comment if you get some use out of it or if you find any problems with it. I have not produced a board from this at the time of posting, so please pay close attention to the pads before sending off anywhere to be made just to be sure. I would hate for someone to waste some money on one of my silly mistakes.

PD72042B EagleLib Device

Get the lib file here:
PD72042B Eagle Cad Library File

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