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Mimesis Project Writeup Complete

I have been taking bits of time here and there to update the projects section on the site since I have neglected doing so for so long now. My most recent writeup was about the Mimesis project which I started about 2 years ago. Read the whole story in the projects section under Mimesis.

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After lots of late nights and countless hours put into programming version 3, Ramzi and I were able to release it on July 3rd, for the holiday. It was our greatest release yet, with tons and tons of people flocking to the site to see the news and grab the latest content. The stats for Mimesis usage shot through the roof while we saw 5.5 Million hits on the site that month. Mimesis had been launched 140 thousand times by over 20 thousand unique users. It was a successful release to say the least. With over 100 content packages available for download and growing, Mimesis is used daily by gamers out there who want to get the latest and greatest in modded content with the easiest install process, allowing for a non modded Xbox to play content with a modded Xbox. The idea is a reality now and I am pretty proud of how it turned out.

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