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It has been fun and a great learning experience taking this domain through all of its iterations over the years, however today marks a new day in’s constantly changing interface.

After many years of rolling my own website, coded in PHP I have finally decided that its time to get out of that habit and use an existing package such as WordPress blogging software. The main reason being that I was finding myself with less time to develop the content of the site due to the constant work which was being done to either fix things that have gone wrong or improvements. I wont be hassling with the in’s and out’s of the PHP anymore and will instead have more time to get all of the content up that I have planned on for so long.

I am looking forward to consistency, ease of use, longevity, and easy backups from WordPress. I will most likely start to mess with adding plugins but first I am going to get a project category up to date. So many projects have come and gone without even a word about them on my own website; like Mimesis for instance.

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