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Video Switcher Circuit Works

With Dave’s help, the video switcher relay circuit is setup and working. I have not yet hooked up the actual wires that control the video toggling on Dom’s unit to the relay because its all pretty well installed in the car. I would do it tonight but its raining outside. For now (testing), the relay is hooked to an LED and will toggle on or off for each touch of the cancel button on the dashboard. That is working perfectly, so when the normal toggle switch for Dom’s unit is removed and the two wires are instead hooked into the relay (replacing the led), I see no reason why it would not work to switch the video over.

Going forward, I am thinking of making the button that causes the relay to flip, programmable on the circuit. I could modify IEBus Studio to handle talking to the unit to program the button sequence and write it to the internal EEPROM. Maybe even putting in a couple more relays that are controlled the same way. So basically you would program a button sequence into the module that will flip a relay to do whatever you want.

Hopefully this nasty weather and the cold I caught from it will subside soon and I can move forward with some more testing. I need to get a working PCB, this breadboard is a huge pain in the ass to lug around.

Anyways, thats all I have for an update right now. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

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