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IEBus Studio is now on

The project request on was approved and we now have the project page. You can view the project status and get regular updates about it here.

A couple old friends of mine have signed up to help with development of the app and have already started making pretty good progress. I have worked with these two a lot in the past since they were the two that helped make Mimesis a reality. (there is a link to the Mimesis website in my signature, in case anyone is interested as well as a good writeup about it on my site)

Now back to IEBus Studio… we will soon have the ability to export a DLL from a device/event library defined within IEBus Studio. This means that, as described in an earlier post, you will use IEBus Studio to discover events and devices by watching the data pass over the bus, then storing the identified events in a vehicle specific library file as you go. Once you have defined all of the events for your vehicle, you will have the ability to then export those events out as a custom built DLL. The reason we are going with a DLL is because it allows for event handlers to be built into any language that you can plug the DLL into. In addition, the DLL will come fully equipped with an intellisense file which contains descriptions for all events and devices defined in the DLL. This is very handy for you to reference when building your event handlers.

The firmware is coming along nicely as well. It is taking packets, forming them into easily digestible blocks and sending them up to the PC so that IEBus Studio can handle them in any way that you want. I have written the code which allows for you to send down Master and Slave filters from IEBus Studio when in discovery mode. This will mean faster identification of events so that you can store them to the vehicle library then build your DLL!

Now, just in case anyone is wondering… the discovery of events and devices for a vehicle (as long as it is done correctly) only needs to be done once. So if you are thinking that this sure sounds like a lot of work, then don’t worry. At least for the ’04 Acura TSX, this will already be done by the time I am ready for anyone else to beta this thing. So that will make it easier for you guys to pick it up and start using it.

There it is, a much longer update than I intended to write, but informative nonetheless.

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