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The new IEBus firmware is working!

I just got to a stopping point on the firmware tonight and decided to grab some data off the bus for review. You can check it out here if you want. You will notice a lot less errors. Its because my firmware is lighter and seems to run considerably faster. I think the reason for the errors you saw in the video before was because of the firmware was not processing the packets fast enough to keep up with the bus.

Also, this is what we are looking at for the structure of the lib files. (for defined devices and events per vehicle) This is the filetype that you will be able to open and work with in IEBus Studio. Pretty simple, right!

  <name>Navigation Computer</name>
  <description>Navigation computer mounted in the trunk of the car.</description>
  <name>Touchscreen Controller</name>
  <description>Touchscreen controller for sending touch events from the navigation screen in the dashboard to the navigation unit in the trunk.</description>
  <name>Head Unit</name>
  <description>The head unit send commands like the volume up or down as well as changing the channel on the radio.</description>
	<name>Volume Level 3</name>

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