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IEBus Controller Prototype Board

I just finished putting together the prototype board with the relays all working as they should be. Its a nasty looking beast of a prototype board but its working. I will be testing out the features of switching the video and disabling the IEBus signal from reaching the navigation computer while in “PC” mode tomorrow afternoon. For now I have posted some pictures of the board below. Enjoy!

IEBus Controller Prototype Board

IEBus Controller Prototype Board

IEBus Controller Prototype Board

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  1. dngrsone says:

    I just ordered a couple of these IEBus controllers in the hope of creating an AVCLAN-USB interface between my ’08 Prius and an Epia carputer.

    I am interested in your prototype board and what kind of interface you created to communicate with it.

    I am looking at running a Linux on the carputer… is your setup conducive to that?

  2. angrycamel says:

    I have put all of my project on for anyone to take up and work on there own. I do not have the time to work on the project anymore unfortunately.

    It currently has an RS232 interface. Someone could change that to USB pretty easily though.

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