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IEBus Controller is now on Sourceforge!

I have put the firmware on under a project aptly named, IEBus Controller. Its getting to the point where I cannot work on it enough nor make enough progress to warrant keeping it all to myself. This doesn’t mean that I wont be working on the project, but it does mean that I welcome anyone who is willing to help out in making this project a reality. Logo

I decided to do this when I realized that a couple others are working on their own versions of the project and repeating work that I had already done. It’s simply not fair for me to hold out on my progress. I was hoping to get everything perfect then release it all at once, but I think at this point its best that I get more people in the trenches with me to help figure out the problems. IEBus Controller Preview

So checkout the project page over at the Sourceforge project page. There is no release just yet, but those wishing to work on the project with me should pull down the latest from the Subversion server. If you send me a message, I can give you access as a developer so that you can commit changes. You will need an account with in order for this to work. Also, I suggest tortoiseSVN, it has shell integration and has been very easy for a novice SVN user, like myself, to get used to.

IEBus.c Preview

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  1. salem says:


    I read most of the thing you post on this web site and on acurazin and the code that you post. There is on thing I don`t understand. You send some message on IEBus but how you calculate the checksum for the frame? I take some reading on the IEUbus in the Honda civic 2012 for the USB adaptater and I really don`t understand how to calculate the checksum
    Can you help me?

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