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Cutting the Cord – Part 1

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching the prices of cable go through the roof in recent years. To top it off, these DVR boxes and all the bells and whistles I thought I needed when I signed up add over 50% to my bill. I’ve long thought that with all of that content available on my server, I shouldn’t even need cable. So why do I still have it?

Two reasons.

Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF)
I can’t blame it all on the spouse, however the WAF is a major contributing factor in deciding what will live and what will die in our TV setup. It must be simple to use and have access to all of that nonsense programming you wouldn’t be caught dead adding to Sickbeard (not that you would tell the guys about at least). With all of the women’s talk shows, entertainment news, etc that get’s consumed by the woman of this household, the timeliness of a show is also understandably important to her.

Passive TV Consumption
The other reason why we still have cable is the lack of passivity with the typical media center setup like XBMC. I have to admit, I am quite content when surfing channels and catching shows on in the middle, hitting the guide button again to find a second best show, then flipping back and forth between them with the last button; continuously checking the guide for something better in the process. I enjoy discovering stuff that I would ‘t have otherwise sought out. That being said, I enjoy some shows that keep me on the edge of my seat too (Breaking Bad anyone?) and those get watched purposefully via Sickbeard or the DVR, but for the most part I am a passive experience kind of guy.

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