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IEBus Studio – In Car DLL Tests

Well I finally made it into the car today to do some tests with the first DLL that was produced by IEBus Studio. The test went great and it seems like we are definitely on the right track. I put together a video of my test today if you want to check it out below: […]

IEBus Studio – Progress Update

IEBus Studio is coming along very well with the help of my two friends CLuis and Ramzi. We are really cranking code out at an astonishing rate and bringing IEBus Studio into reality. Here is the 1000 foot view: Event Discovery works but we are just beginning to rewrite a lot of it to add […]

IEBus Emulator

Tonight I put together a screen cap of me using the new IEBus Emulator in conjunction with com0com and IEBus Studio. Com0com is used to produce a virtual null modem connection as well as the virtual com ports from com2->com4. With the emulator we can test IEBus Studio locally with data captured to log files […]

The new IEBus firmware is working!

I just got to a stopping point on the firmware tonight and decided to grab some data off the bus for review. You can check it out here if you want. You will notice a lot less errors. Its because my firmware is lighter and seems to run considerably faster. I think the reason for […]

IEBus Studio is now on

The project request on was approved and we now have the project page. You can view the project status and get regular updates about it here. A couple old friends of mine have signed up to help with development of the app and have already started making pretty good progress. I have worked with […]

IEBus Studio development – help wanted

I have made a bit of progress on the sniffer console/library builder thingy that I am calling the IEBus StudioBridge. I am wondering if anyone else here knows C# and would like to give a hand at coding this thing? Its not a question of CAN I keep working on it, but there are some […]

Sniffing the IEBus smells so sweet!

I finally got it all together and working tonight. Here is a run down of where I am at now on the IEBus project: Dom’s video converter unit is installed and mounted cleanly in the trunk next to the navigation unit I have a carpc built and working (it’s still very rough around the edges, […]

The com port is back in style, baby!

I have been working on the IEBus project a lot these past few weeks and I realized that I have been updating the forum thread, but never updating the site with my progress, so we are. Just to recap where I am on the project… I found research that others have done regarding the AVC-LAN […]