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Sniffing the IEBus smells so sweet!

I finally got it all together and working tonight. Here is a run down of where I am at now on the IEBus project: Dom’s video converter unit is installed and mounted cleanly in the trunk next to the navigation unit I have a carpc built and working (it’s still very rough around the edges, […]

The com port is back in style, baby!

I have been working on the IEBus project a lot these past few weeks and I realized that I have been updating the forum thread, but never updating the site with my progress, so we are. Just to recap where I am on the project… I found research that others have done regarding the AVC-LAN […]

Buy an AH-20 Pin Harness here for $65 Shipped!

Click here to see the details or… If you already know your interested in buying a harness for the TVandNav2Go Video Nav Converter then send me an email at I am always getting into off the wall projects. Check my projects page to see what kind of stuff I have gotten into lately.