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IEBus Controller is now on Sourceforge!

I have put the firmware on under a project aptly named, IEBus Controller. Its getting to the point where I cannot work on it enough nor make enough progress to warrant keeping it all to myself. This doesn’t mean that I wont be working on the project, but it does mean that I welcome […]

IEBus Controller Prototype Board

I just finished putting together the prototype board with the relays all working as they should be. Its a nasty looking beast of a prototype board but its working. I will be testing out the features of switching the video and disabling the IEBus signal from reaching the navigation computer while in “PC” mode tomorrow […]

PD72042B Eagle Cad Library File

I have began working with the PD72042B again thanks to some chats with Slden over in Russia. He is not using it himself, but in talking to him he gave me some ideas. Now that I am working on a new schematic in the Eagle Cad software I need a library of the chip but […]

Video Switcher Circuit Works

With Dave’s help, the video switcher relay circuit is setup and working. I have not yet hooked up the actual wires that control the video toggling on Dom’s unit to the relay because its all pretty well installed in the car. I would do it tonight but its raining outside. For now (testing), the relay […]

The IEBus Touchscreen Module Works!

Well its been a long time coming but when I finally received the ‘C’ connectors this week, I made a harness from them to gain access to the ACC for starters. I had installed the PC in the trunk already but was waiting on these parts so that I could hook up the ACC line […]

Acura 8 pin navigation connector !!FOR SALE!!

I decided to go ahead and place the order for the C connectors. Due to a request I received in email, I will be selling both a harness that will terminate to a DB9 connector (just like the AH-20 harness) as well as a DIY kit that will come with a plug, cap, DB9 connector […]

Acura C Connector 8 Pin PnP Harness

I may be able to get some of the C connectors (8 pin) for the back of the navigation unit. Would anyone be interested in a harness to gain access to the wires on that plug without damaging anything? So far I have had one person request it and have been thinking about doing it […]

IEBus – Mouse Control Test

I made a video showing a recent test that I did with the latest version of the mouse control software. The software shown in this video will cause the mouse to move to the touch event’s coordinate and click. This is triggered by the touch event handlers in a DLL which was produced by IEBus […]

Etching a PCB for the IEBus Module

I completed the etching process of my first printed circuit board tonight. It took a lot of work just to learn how to use the Eagle software to produce the board layout but once I had it done I printed it onto some generic glossy laser paper. Next I took it downstairs to the ironing […]

IEBus Studio – Progress Update

It’s been a little while since I updated everyone on the progress so I put together a quick screenshot. IEBus Studio is definately one kick ass program, if I do say so myself. I wanted to take the time to do screenshots of all the features but its just too late on Sunday night and […]