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Acura Nav Unit Connector Source

I have been getting quite a few requests for the video harness connectors lately, so since I am not putting those harnesses together anymore, here are some links to the Tyco connectors. They are all part of the Mark II series. Plug MarkII : 175967-2 Cap MarkII : 175975-2 Metal Receptors : 175062-1

Powered PnP Install Diagram of Dom’s Video Converter

Here is a diagram that I put together to show how I used both the 20 pin and the 8 pin (C) connector together to form a completely plug and playable solution for Dom’s video converter box. (Both plug N play harnesses featured in this diagram are available for sale through this website. Email robbienewton […]

16 Pin Connectors

Just thought it worth mentioning that if anyone needs any of the 16 pin connectors, I have a few available. It came to mind because a guy by the name of Garrick Lau sent me an email asking if I had any I could sell to him. He is working on completely replacing the navigation […]

Acura 8 pin navigation connector !!FOR SALE!!

I decided to go ahead and place the order for the C connectors. Due to a request I received in email, I will be selling both a harness that will terminate to a DB9 connector (just like the AH-20 harness) as well as a DIY kit that will come with a plug, cap, DB9 connector […]

Acura C Connector 8 Pin PnP Harness

I may be able to get some of the C connectors (8 pin) for the back of the navigation unit. Would anyone be interested in a harness to gain access to the wires on that plug without damaging anything? So far I have had one person request it and have been thinking about doing it […]