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DVR-Like Screen Development Started

I started this weekend on a DVR-like screen to emulate the DVR screen from FiOS. This loads content from the library for movies and tvshows and attempts to match the same content organization that is seen in the FiOS system. That is date descending order but grouped by show into folders (single episodes are seen […]

The IEBus Touchscreen Module Works!

Well its been a long time coming but when I finally received the ‘C’ connectors this week, I made a harness from them to gain access to the ACC for starters. I had installed the PC in the trunk already but was waiting on these parts so that I could hook up the ACC line […]

Site changes

As you can see, I updated the look of the site tonight. I thought it was time for a change, so I modified a theme I found called Lush. I also enabled spam filtering on the comments so that I could open it up for anyone to leave a message without too much of a […]

IEBus Studio development – help wanted

I have made a bit of progress on the sniffer console/library builder thingy that I am calling the IEBus StudioBridge. I am wondering if anyone else here knows C# and would like to give a hand at coding this thing? Its not a question of CAN I keep working on it, but there are some […]

The Camel blogs now!

It has been fun and a great learning experience taking this domain through all of its iterations over the years, however today marks a new day in’s constantly changing interface. After many years of rolling my own website, coded in PHP I have finally decided that its time to get out of that habit […]