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Acura C Connector 8 Pin PnP Harness

I may be able to get some of the C connectors (8 pin) for the back of the navigation unit. Would anyone be interested in a harness to gain access to the wires on that plug without damaging anything?

So far I have had one person request it and have been thinking about doing it for myself to get to ACC, Power, and Diagnostics in the trunk. With a simple little harness for this you could make any solution involving those wires, plug n’ playable.

Let me know if it would be worth it for me to order some. It has to be a bulk order, therefore it would be quite an investment on my part, so if you care, please leave some feedback.

The reference to the “C” connector is from my 2006 ETM. Click on the thumbnail below to see a PDF with an image of the connector.

Connector C (8-Pin Navigation)

C Connector - Navigation

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  1. appatel79 says:

    I am hoping you can help, I am looking to do the same job you did to my honda accord 2004. If you can help me or even sale me the stuff I would be really gratefull

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