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Acura 8 pin navigation connector !!FOR SALE!!

I decided to go ahead and place the order for the C connectors. Due to a request I received in email, I will be selling both a harness that will terminate to a DB9 connector (just like the AH-20 harness) as well as a DIY kit that will come with a plug, cap, DB9 connector and 10 of the special metal connectors needed for assembly of the 8 pin plug (two extras).

  • C Connector Harness $45.00
  • C Connector DIY $20.00
  • I have also decided to offer a DIY kit for the AH20 harness. It will include both the plug and the cap connectors, the DB9 connector and 25 of the special metal connectors needed for assembly of the 20 pin plug (5 extras).

  • AH20 Connector DIY $25.00
  • Contact me via, robbienewton [aT] gmail [d0t] com to place an order!

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    1. ashtray says:

      Hey AngryCamel,

      I finished just a few moments ago and verified all my contacts are correct, plugged it into the car and it works! Well, the passthrough does anyway; haven’t tried to switch to pc video yet but crossing my sore fingers. I found Molex crimpers online specifically for the metal connectors but who knows if I’d ever use them again so I used the method you outlined below and it worked fine.

      The cap plug was a challenge also. I just soldered the wires directly on and really could have used a third hand to hold things still. I solder very infrequently, but I think I finally figured out a pretty good technique on the second to last wire I had to solder. ;-P

      My fingers are very sore.. a few scrapes but luckily no burns. Slight crick in my neck now too. Hahaha.. very fun!

      Thanks for the kit!,

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