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Archive for February, 2013

DVR-Like Screen Development Started

I started this weekend on a DVR-like screen to emulate the DVR screen from FiOS. This loads content from the library for movies and tvshows and attempts to match the same content organization that is seen in the FiOS system. That is date descending order but grouped by show into folders (single episodes are seen […]

Program Options Screen Added to TVGuide

Last night I finished the control code and tedious skin work required to add a new “Program Options” screen to the TVGuide addon that will mimic the look and functionality of the FiOS Program Options screen available from various points throughout the EPG. The screen is accessible from the XBMC info button (“i” on a […]

Improving Live TV on XBMC (my way)

My challenge with live TV on XBMC is familiarity for the wife and friends. I would like to kick the rental habit for the Set Top Box (STB) but poor user experience in XBMC gets in the way. I currently pay over $50 a month in STB rental fees to Verizon for their FiOS service. […]